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    Stickers for electronic devices and batteries

    Stickers for electronic devices and batteries are a type of label specifically designed for use with electronic products, including batteries. They feature special properties to meet the specific needs of these products, including durability against harsh conditions such as high heat, chemicals, and vibrations.

    Features of Stickers for Electronic Devices and Batteries

    • Heat Resistance: Capable of withstanding high temperatures that may occur during operation or battery charging.
    • Corrosion and Chemical Protection: Resistant to chemicals and do not degrade easily when exposed to various substances.
    • Clear Text and Graphics: Provide important information like technical data, production dates, and warnings clearly, even in limited spaces.
    • Strong Adhesion: Feature adhesives designed to adhere firmly to the diverse surfaces of electronic devices and batteries.


    • Specifying Technical Details: Used to specify technical information of devices and batteries, such as capacity, voltage, and usage instructions.
    • Tracking and Quality Control: Help in tracking production dates, manufacturing lots, and serve as evidence in quality control processes.
    • Warnings and Precautions: Display warnings about safe use of devices and batteries, such as prohibiting disposal in fire.


    • Enhanced Safety: Helps users understand precautions and proper management of devices for safe use.
    • Extended Device Lifespan: By identifying correct usage and maintenance procedures.
    • Prevention of Counterfeiting: Specially designed stickers help prevent counterfeiting and maintain data integrity.

    Thus, the use of stickers on electronic devices and batteries plays a crucial role in communicating vital information and warnings to users. It also helps improve safety and efficiency in the use of these devices.

    Custom-made stickers for electronic devices and batteries are typically made of polyester film material, also known as "PET." This type of sticker is durable, scratch-resistant, tear-resistant, waterproof, and can withstand high temperatures up to 150 degrees Celsius without catching fire. They are mostly used on computer equipment and electrical devices. These stickers can be printed with logos and messages as desired. There are also stickers made from polyimide material that can withstand even higher temperatures, up to 250 degrees Celsius, making them suitable for batteries.

    Gloss White PET stickers are used with 3M 7816, 3M 7871 resin ribbons. Matte White PET stickers are compatible with resin ribbons. Gloss Silver PET stickers are also used with resin ribbons, as are Matte Silver PET and Gloss Clear PET stickers. Matte Clear PET stickers are suitable for use with resin ribbons as well.

    These various types of PET stickers offer options for different finishes and appearances, catering to specific requirements for labeling and branding on electronic devices and batteries. Their compatibility with resin ribbons ensures that the print is durable and resistant to harsh conditions, including high temperatures, making them an ideal choice for high-quality, long-lasting labels in the electronics industry.