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    (0) Chemical drum stickers
    Chemical drum stickers are a type of label specifically designed for use on chemical storage drums or containers that hold and transport chemicals. These stickers need to be highly durable to withstand harsh environments, exposure to various chemicals, and a range of temperatures. Chemical drum stickers often require specific features, as outlined below
    (0) High-temperature-resistant barcode stickers
    High-temperature-resistant barcode stickers are a type of label designed to withstand high temperatures without getting damaged or altered in high-temperature environments. These stickers are able to resist varying levels of heat and are commonly used in industries that require tracking and management of goods in environments with high temperatures, such as in the production of industrial components, transportation of temperature-sensitive goods, or heat-involved processing. Materials Used for High-Temperature-Resistant Barcode Stickers High-temperature barcode stickers are typically made from special materials such as: Polyester: Highly durable against heat and chemicals, often used in environments requiring durability and strength. Polyimide: Popular in the electronics and aerospace industries due to its ability to withstand temperatures up to 500°F (260°C) or higher. Vinyl: Flexible and resistant to weather and moisture, but generally less heat-resistant compared to polyester and polyimide. Applications High-temperature-resistant barcode stickers are commonly used in: Electronics Industry: For tracking components that undergo heat processes, such as SMT (Surface Mount Technology) soldering. Automotive and Aerospace Manufacturing: For parts that need to withstand heat from engines or high operational temperatures. Material Handling: In the transportation and storage of goods requiring temperature control, such as in furnaces or large refrigeration units. Choosing the right sticker with properties suited to the specific environmental conditions is crucial to ensure that the stickers provide reliable tracking and identification performance, even in high-temperature environments.
    (0) Barcode stickers is?
    Barcode stickers are labels featuring organized black and white stripes that can be scanned by barcode readers to identify embedded information. They are crucial tools for managing inventory and operations in retail, manufacturing, transportation, and other industries.
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