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    Cold room stickers and frozen food stickers

    Cold room stickers and frozen food stickers are essential for the storage and categorization of goods in low-temperature environments. Both types of stickers are specially designed to withstand freezing temperatures without peeling off or getting damaged by moisture or ice. Below are the characteristics and applications of cold room stickers and frozen food stickers:

    Cold Room Stickers

    • Applications: Designed for use in cold rooms or areas with consistently low temperatures, such as storage rooms for raw materials or products that require temperature control.
    • Characteristics: Resistant to cold and moisture, capable of adhering well to various surfaces even in high humidity conditions.

    Frozen Food Stickers

    • Applications: Suitable for labeling food packaging that will be stored in freezers or freezing environments for categorization and product information purposes.
    • Characteristics: Designed to withstand exposure to ice and very low temperatures without getting damaged or easily peeling off. Often have special features that ensure information and barcodes printed on the stickers remain legible even in extreme cold conditions.

    Choosing quality stickers designed for specific environments is crucial to ensure that products can be properly stored and tracked while maintaining the integrity of the information on the stickers.

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