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    PP Labelling by Order

    We offer printing services for product labels made of PP (Polypropylene) material, ensuring high-quality, vibrant, and sharp colors. Our labels are scratch-resistant because we care about our customers' work and guarantee sharpness.

    We believe that a brand is the path to success and the sustainability of a business. We always believe that the best tool is to create outstanding and memorable product packaging and labels. Our sole mission is to build product brands, assisting entrepreneurs and SMEs who want to design and print product label stickers without a minimum order requirement, with premium print quality and excellent consultancy, meticulously produced to increase sales and create a positive image for our clients' products.

    PP (Polypropylene) stickers are available in glossy white and matte white. The material of PP stickers is more special than paper stickers because it is waterproof and more tear-resistant, making it suitable for product labels or temporary logo stickers on materials or packaging that may be exposed to water, offering waterproof protection.

    Plastic stickers, popularly used for making inexpensive waterproof product label stickers, are suitable for applications requiring high sticker durability, such as stickers for face cream bottles, shampoo bottles, massage cream bottles, etc. They are 100% waterproof and can withstand temperatures up to 90 degrees Celsius. Suitable for sticking on smooth surfaces due to their high tensile strength, PP stickers are smoother and more beautiful than ordinary stickers, available in clear PP stickers, glossy white PP stickers, and matte white PP stickers.