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    3M PET Labels

    3M polyester sticker labels are designed for durability and performance, catering to various applications where strength, longevity, and resistance to harsh conditions are crucial. Made from high-quality polyester film, these labels are an excellent choice for industrial, electronic, automotive, and healthcare applications, among others. 3M leverages advanced adhesive technology and material science to create labels that withstand extreme environments, chemicals, UV exposure, and more, ensuring that information stays legible and intact over time.

    Key Features of 3M Polyester Sticker Labels:

    • Durability: Polyester is inherently resistant to tearing, stretching, and moisture, making these labels highly durable.
    • Chemical and Temperature Resistance: These labels can withstand a wide range of chemicals and extreme temperature fluctuations, maintaining their integrity in challenging environments.
    • UV Resistance: The material is designed to resist fading when exposed to sunlight, preserving the readability and color of the label over time.
    • Strong Adhesion: 3M's advanced adhesive formulations ensure that these polyester labels stick firmly to a variety of surfaces, including metals, plastics, and even difficult-to-adhere-to materials.
    • Customization: 3M offers customization options for their polyester labels, including different sizes, shapes, colors, and the ability to incorporate logos, barcodes, and other critical information.


    • Industrial: Ideal for asset tagging, inventory management, and safety warnings in environments that may expose labels to rough handling, chemicals, and extreme conditions.
    • Electronics: Used for labeling components and finished products, where resistance to heat, solvents, and abrasion is necessary.
    • Automotive: Suitable for under-the-hood labels, interior labeling, and battery labels, where durability against oils, fluids, and temperature changes is essential.
    • Healthcare: Perfect for laboratory labels, equipment labels, and patient ID tags, where labels must resist sterilization processes and chemical exposure.

    3M polyester sticker labels are a testament to 3M's commitment to providing high-quality, reliable labeling solutions that meet the needs of demanding applications. By choosing 3M polyester labels, businesses can ensure their labels perform as needed, regardless of the environmental challenges they may face.