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    About us

    MarkPak Limited

    MarkPak Limited started its business as a contractor for designing, manufacturing, and selling stickers, labels, die-cut products, adhesive tapes, die cuts, barcodes, thermal printers, scanners, and barcode software. Our main business is contract design and printing tailored to the dimensions, materials, and types of products such as labels, double-sided adhesive sheet stickers, roll form, and general sheet insulators according to customer requirements in various markets and industries such as automotive, electrical, construction, transportation, electronics, medical devices, cosmetics, food, and agriculture. Currently, the company is a leading importer and distributor of machinery and materials for producing such works.

    Business Objectives

    The company aims to be a supplier of materials and machinery for slitting, laminating, and die-cutting - meeting the diverse product needs of die-cutting and labels for all industries, making every customer requirement possible in the manufacturing processes of factories with quality products and services at competitive prices, delivered at the right time.

    Commitment to Development

    MarkPak Limited is committed to expanding its sales and service network in Thailand as much as possible in the Converter business and is dedicated to development with the engineering team and production department to create quality and competitive products and services for all market needs.

    Work Policy

    MarkPak Limited prioritizes every need of customers and the market, focusing on producing quality products and providing the best technical services to achieve a balance in production processes and pricing, to create a competitive advantage for our customers.