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    Electronic Labels and Cleanroom Labels

    Electronic Labels and Cleanroom Labels play crucial roles in various industries with specific usage requirements. Each type has characteristics and properties designed to meet the needs of different operating environments:

    Electronic Labels

    • Usage: Commonly used in the electronics industry, for example, marking electronic components, circuit boards, and products that require tracking and management with RFID or barcode systems.
    • Properties: Resistant to harsh environments, such as high temperatures, chemical exposure, and vibrations. They offer flexibility in application and can accurately print information.

    Cleanroom Labels

    • Usage: Designed for use in cleanroom environments that require high levels of cleanliness, such as in the pharmaceutical, biotech, electronics, and food industries, to prevent contamination.
    • Properties: Made from materials that do not release contaminants and are resistant to wear. They adhere well in tightly controlled environments, often resistant to chemicals and microbial growth.

    Both types of labels are crucial for maintaining cleanliness, safety, and tracking of products in industries, especially those that demand high precision and cleanliness.

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