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    Heat-resistant stickers for PCBA

    Heat-resistant stickers for PCBA (Printed Circuit Board Assembly) are crucial components used in the manufacturing and testing of printed circuit boards. These stickers are designed to withstand high temperatures that can occur during soldering processes or other heat-involved procedures without causing damage or alteration. They also help protect board components from exposure to chemicals and moisture during manufacturing or testing processes. The following are the primary characteristics of heat-resistant stickers for PCBA:

    High Heat Resistance

    • Capable of withstanding very high temperatures, often up to 260°C (500°F) or more, to accommodate SMT (Surface Mount Technology) soldering and Reflow Soldering processes that require high heat.

    Chemical Reaction Resistance

    • Highly resistant to chemicals used in the manufacturing and cleaning of circuit boards, such as solvents and cleaning agents.

    Strength and Durability

    • Able to handle abrasion and vibration that may occur during manufacturing or transportation.


    • Stickers often need to support printing, such as manufacturing information, barcode, or other tracking information, without losing clarity after being exposed to heat.

    Good Adhesion

    • Must have the ability to adhere well to various surfaces of the printed circuit board, even in high-temperature environments.

    Using quality heat-resistant stickers is important for maintaining the quality and performance of printed circuit boards in the long term, including preventing damage and contamination that may occur during the manufacturing process.

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