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    Barcode Stickers

    Barcode Sticker Rolls (Blank Label Barcode Rolls) and Precut Labels are designed for printing labels for boxes and products to enhance management efficiency and professionalism. These blank roll stickers are suitable for use with barcode printers, available in various paper types such as semi-gloss for general products, YUPO for cold room products resistant to moisture, and direct thermal stickers for printing drug labels and medication stickers. They come in various sizes and can be customized in size and quantity according to customer requirements.


    • Roll stickers for printing.
    • Available in several types: semi-gloss (TT), thermal (DT), PP/UPO, stickers for fresh food scales, and blank inkjet labels TM-C3510.
    • Thermal Transfer stickers require a ribbon for printing.
    • Direct Thermal stickers use direct heat for printing.
    • PP Thermal Transfer stickers are 100% waterproof and heat-resistant up to 90 degrees Celsius.

    Key Benefits

    • Serve as labels to display product information universally, enhancing operational quality.
    • Efficient for categorizing products and stock counting, allowing excellent product management.
    • Reduce labor usage as barcode systems process and manage information via computer, eliminating the need for manual stock counting.
    • Speed up product management and promote your business if you include a logo on the barcode.
    • Enable efficient storefront sales, allowing for quick customer transactions.
    • Significantly reduce business operation time, leading to optimal management efficiency.
    • Minimize errors in product data management.
    • Contribute to a global business presence, positioning your business as a leader and facilitating entry into the global market.

    Custom Printing Labels

    • We offer printing and die-cutting with both press and digital systems. You can send us your design and size for a price quote directly at offcial Line @markpak

    Request for Quotation Call 02-5142634-5 EXT 109, 112 

    Line official ID  @markpak