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    Custom made Label Stickers

    We are offering a high-quality sticker and label production service suitable for a wide range of industrial applications. This service includes a variety of printing techniques, as well as the use of Laser Engraving on materials like Cast Modified Acrylate from brands such as 3M and TESA. This allows customers to produce stickers in quantities as low as a single piece, tailored to their design specifications, dimensions, and logo requirements. The 3M 7848 label material is specifically designed for laser engraving, offering durability in various environmental conditions and compatibility with all types of industrial machinery. These labels are ideal for use on industrial tools and machinery, expensive automotive parts, aircraft components, and prototype materials, as they can be ordered in small quantities and customized to the client's needs. Customers can simply send a link to their design, and production can begin immediately, with next-day delivery available.

    MARKPAK also accepts custom sticker label orders according to customer requirements, with a wide range of printing systems available, including Digital, Laser Engraving, Press (Letter Press, Flexo, Rotary Press, Intermittent Press, and Silk Screen). From brainstorming and designing to creating AI Artwork, digital proofs, samples, and managing lot trials to overseeing forecasts in mass production, our team is equipped to handle every step with personalized attention.

    Product labels and stickers are a crucial element in product design, as they consider aesthetics and reliability to attract consumer interest and differentiate products in the market, preserving the brand's identity. Void stickers are popular for high-sensitivity products like cosmetics, electronics, and food to prevent tampering before reaching the consumer. Cold room stickers, designed specifically for products stored at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius, can be printed directly without needing a ribbon, although standard options are also available. Additionally, stickers are available for fresh food scales, glass bottles, electronic devices, hospitals and pharmacies, tech home repair services, and the automotive and aerospace industries.

    Customers interested in our label and sticker printing services can contact our sales department immediately via LINE ID "@MARKPAK", where our staff is ready to receive your ARTWORK and provide a quotation.

    Request for quotation with officer  ขอใบเสนอราคากับพนักงานขาย โทร 02-5142634-5 EXT 109, 112 

    Line official ID  @markpak