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    3M Performance Label Material 7816

    3M Performance Label Material 7816 is a high-quality labeling solution designed for a variety of industrial applications. This product is part of 3M's extensive line of adhesive label materials, known for their durability, reliability, and versatility. Here are some key features and applications of 3M Performance Label Material 7816:

    Key Features

    • Adhesive Type: Typically, the 7816 label material uses a permanent acrylic adhesive that offers excellent adhesion to a wide range of surfaces including metals, plastics, and painted surfaces.
    • Material Construction: It usually consists of a polyester film or similar durable material that serves as the label facestock, providing resistance against environmental factors such as UV light, moisture, and extreme temperatures.
    • Durability: Designed for long-term use, this label material is resistant to abrasion, moisture, and various chemicals, making it suitable for challenging industrial environments.
    • Printability: 3M Performance Label Material 7816 is engineered to support high-quality printing techniques for clear and vibrant label graphics and text.


    • Industrial Labeling: Ideal for product identification labels, instruction labels, and warning labels in industrial settings where durability is crucial.
    • Electronic and Automotive: Suitable for labeling in electronic devices and automotive parts, where labels must withstand harsh conditions and exposure to chemicals or oils.
    • Outdoor Use: Thanks to its resistance to UV light and weathering, it is well-suited for outdoor labeling applications where labels are exposed to the elements.
    • Regulatory Compliance: Often used for labels that must comply with regulatory standards, requiring the labels to remain legible and attached over the life of the product.

    It's important to note that specific details like adhesive type and material composition can vary within the 7816 series or based on custom requirements. For the most accurate and detailed information, consulting the product specification sheet provided by 3M or contacting a 3M representative directly would be the best approach.