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    Asset stickers

    Asset stickers are a crucial tool used for the management and tracking of organizational assets, including their control and prevention against loss or theft. These stickers often come equipped with Automatic Identification and Data Capture (AIDC) technologies such as barcodes or RFID, facilitating the quick and accurate scanning and identification of asset information. Here are details about asset stickers:

    Types of Asset Stickers

    • Barcodes: Used for tracking assets through the scanning of barcode labels to identify information quickly. Suitable for assets that are frequently moved and checked.
    • RFID (Radio Frequency Identification): Stickers or tags with RFID chips can store data and transmit it via radio waves. Ideal for remote tracking and management of assets.
    • NFC (Near Field Communication): A type of RFID designed for close-range communication. Can be used with smartphones and other devices for easy verification and access to asset information.

    Features of Asset Stickers

    • Environmental Resistance: Made from materials that are resistant to weather, humidity, and wear and tear to ensure longevity.
    • Security: Some models feature anti-tampering properties, such as watermarks or special patterns that damage the sticker if removal is attempted, reducing the risk of theft.
    • Customization: Can be customized to meet organizational needs, such as adding logos, asset numbers, or other relevant information.


    Asset stickers are used across various industries and institutions like schools, hospitals, offices, and manufacturing plants to:

    • Efficiently track and manage assets.
    • Reduce the risk of loss or theft.
    • Improve the auditing and maintenance of assets.
    • Support better decision-making regarding asset purchase and utilization.

    Choosing the right asset stickers can significantly enhance the confidence in an organization's asset management processes, ensuring effective and accurate tracking.

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