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    Chemical drum stickers

    Chemical drum stickers are a type of label specifically designed for use on chemical storage drums or containers that hold and transport chemicals. These stickers need to be highly durable to withstand harsh environments, exposure to various chemicals, and a range of temperatures. Chemical drum stickers often require specific features, as outlined below:

    Characteristics of Chemical Drum Stickers
    Chemical Resistance: The stickers must be able to resist degradation from exposure to multiple types of chemicals, ensuring that the ink used for printing does not dissolve or fade.
    Weather Resistance: They must be able to withstand changes in weather conditions, such as extreme heat and cold, UV radiation, and moisture.
    Legibility: The text and symbols on the stickers must be clear to provide information quickly and easily.
    Strong Adhesion: Should have high-quality adhesive that securely sticks to metal or plastic surfaces without peeling off.


    Chemical drum stickers are typically used for:

    Tracking and Management: Helping to track chemical drums and manage inventory in warehouses.
    Safety and Comprehension: Providing information about the chemicals in the drums, including safety warnings and handling requirements.
    Regulatory Compliance: Meeting legal and safety standards for the storage and transportation of chemicals.
    Selecting the right stickers with properties suitable for the environment and chemicals being stored is crucial. This helps maintain safety and organizational standards in chemical storage practices.


    EPSON ColorWorks refers to a series of inkjet printers designed for producing high-quality, durable color labels suitable for a variety of applications, including chemical drum stickers. These printers can create labels with high resolution and durability against chemicals, water, and UV fading, making them ideal for use in environments that require robust labeling solutions like chemical storage.

    Using EPSON ColorWorks for Chemical Drum Stickers

    • Chemical Resistance: EPSON ColorWorks printers use inks designed to resist dissolution from various chemicals, a critical feature for printing labels used on chemical storage drums.
    • Clarity of Text and Symbols: With the capability to print in high resolution, the labels produced by these printers have clear text and symbols, ensuring that information is easily readable and understandable.
    • Weather Durability: EPSON ColorWorks produces labels that can withstand environmental changes well, including exposure to UV light and moisture, essential for labels used in outdoor environments or in areas with high humidity.

    Using EPSON ColorWorks printers to produce chemical drum stickers is an excellent choice for organizations needing durable and clear labeling. Additionally, this technology allows for easy customization of label information, accommodating various storage and transportation needs effectively.

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